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Infinidat has selected IDS as their ANZ distributor for their full suite of solutions, providing full end to end sales and support services to our reseller and customer network. Infinidat produces the most reliable and fastest Hybrid arrays on the planet.

INFINIDAT’s strength is an enterprise-proven storage software architecture, designed for today’s data intensive business applications. The architecture supports an extremely high level of availability, is very dense, and is extremely high performance. The architecture also allows for virtually unlimited scalability and carefully balances enterprise class functionality, including cost. In addition, INFINIDAT’s design supports flexible, straightforward deployments to powerful custom environments, fine-tuned to fulfill the requirements of all businesses. As a result, INFINIDAT delivers storage solutions that are fast, reliable, and scalable at a disruptive price that won’t require businesses to jeopardize the overall purpose of their competitive assets and processes.


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  • Redefining High Performance Storage

    INFINIDAT’s enterprise storage solutions offer the performance, flexibility and reliability that are necessary to support today’s data intensive enterprises.

    The InfiniBox and its range of powerful storage capabilities can be easily leveraged for addressing the management and analytical needs of Big Data, enabling access to multiple databases and sources, managing growing volumes of data and managing virtualized data center and cloud storage.

    For vertical markets such as financial services and energy, the InfiniBox offers the simplicity to manage storage efficiently, the scalability to handle data sprawl, and the data protection necessary to safeguard the data.

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  • Included with any InfiniBox, Host PowerTools simplifies the management of servers and storage and enable different IT teams to work together more easily to provide greater data access and availability.

    • Ensure Confguration Readiness and Self-healing
      Verifes that servers and storage are confgured correctly and provides insight to automatically fx any confguration issues before they cause performance or availability problems.
    • Manage More Easily
      Provides a consistent user experience with GUI and CLI across all supported platforms including Linux, Unix, Windows, and VMware.
    • Break Down Barriers Between IT Teams
      Enable better visibility and understanding of storage objects between the server and application teams.
    • Enable Self-service of Routine Storage Operations
      Empowers storage administrators to enable selfservice of storage provisioning, snapshot and restores to the server or application teams.
    • Secure Provisioning
      Securely provisions and manages storage resources from the application servers for all major OS, virtualization, and application platforms.
    • Streamline VMware Operations
      Enables consistent snapshots and self-service restore capabilities plus thin capacity reclaim.
    • Maximize Value
      Host PowerTools incurs no extra charge as it is included with your InfniBox enterprise-proven storage array.
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